Are you a contractor or a DIY (do it yourselfer)? Then EMCO Machinery is a must know equipment rental outlet. We stock hundreds of construction contractor tools for all sorts of projects. From demolition tools to finishing tools interior or exterior renovations and even landscaping your backyard and painting the second floor aluminum siding on a house with a hydraulic scissor lift, we have it all!


We deliver anywhere in Montreal and on request. While not along our normal delivery route we can deliver to Laval and South Shore, but call in advance to make sure. Delivery is based on size and distance of delivery so feel free to call us for a quote.

*Minimum $25 for pickup and $25 for delivery


We are a full service centre, not only do we rent the tools out we can also repair your tools. We tend to divide the tools that we repair into 2 categories, gas powered tools and flooring equipment.


Our tool repair mechanics can provide you an estimate for your tool repairs. Labour for estimate is ½ hr minimum. A written estimate is provided on request. All mechanical Repairs are billed by the hour. We have 2 mechanics, one for gas and one for flooring equipment. Emco has been providing equipment repairs to flooring contractors for decades, we understand your need to have the equipment repaired properly and in a timely fashion.


  • Flooring Tool Rentals
  • Air Tool Rentals
  • Automobile Tool Rentals
  • Concrete Tool Rentals
  • Excavation Tool Rentals
  • Wood Tool Rentals
  • Heating Tool Rentals
  • Carpentry Tool Rentals
  • Moving Tool Rentals
  • Scaffolding Rentals
  • Hydraulic lift Rentals
  • Generator Rentals
  • Pump Rentals
  • Ladder Rentals
  • Construction Debris Removal Tool Rentals
  • Lighting Tool Rentals
  • Electrical Extension Rentals
  • Gardening tool rentals
  • Pressure Washer rentals
  • Metalworking tool rentals
  • Saw Rentals
  • Welding Tool Rentals
  • Carpet Tool Rentals
  • Tile Tool Rentals
  • Hoist & Jack Rentals
  • Paint tool rentals
  • Roofing Tool rentals
  • Drill Rentals
  • Plumbing Tool Rentals

Got a question? Feel free to drop in anytime from Monday to Saturday or give us a call at 514.270.7101.

Fridays: 2 ½ days for the price of one and a half. Rentals from Fri. 3pm – Mon. 9am

Saturdays: 2 days for the price of one! 7:30am Sat. until 9:00am Mon. #

Monday-Friday: 7:00am 5:00pm
Saturday: 7:30am 12:00pm

Emco delivers across the island of Montreal and with some advance notice Laval and the South Shore. For more information please click here #

Download our tool rentals catalogue, and take adventage of our flexible solutions. #